About Me

Carly Flagg

Carly Flagg provides compassionate, vision-oriented coaching to caregivers and service professionals who want to engage their work and life more joyfully.

I decided to see a life coach to help me “figure out the next chapter in my life.” The problem was that I was stuck in the doldrums of my daily demands and couldn’t see beyond the edge of my calendar. I had lost my vision for my life.

In my first session with my life coach, she asked me what I missed from times in my life when I felt a greater sense of vision. The answer was simple: “Color!”  I had recently moved out of a house that had colorful walls, a private office, and a yoga space to a small transitional apartment with white walls, a shared office, and no private retreat for me. I needed color and a space of my own (which seemed impossible in my current circumstances.) I remember the feeling of hope I felt when she said, “Would it be possible to paint a wall?”

That day, I stopped at the hardware store, bought a can of purple paint, and went home to paint the wall next to my desk in our shared office. That purple wall opened up a perspective shift for me that I couldn’t have predicted. Through coaching, I discovered keys that unlocked doors of possibility. I felt energized, excited and developed renewed awareness of myself that had gotten lost in the white walls.

Don’t worry! I’m not going to make you paint your house purple. That’s not my job. My job is to help you see the keys that open possibilities for you. What is your purple wall? I’m excited to find out!