Michele Draper – Student and mother of 2 “littles”

Prior to finding Carly, my life coach, I felt like I was just getting by with my day-to-day workload. As I got further into my college career, I knew my current process for doing everything was not working for me. My workload as a stay-at-home parent and my workload for school was literally breaking me down. I was not doing them the best way for me and didn’t even realize it. Carly is so full of knowledge and has helped me identify my own personal strengths and weaknesses, in order to change how I look at all my tasks and goals I want to accomplish. She is so encouraging, kind, caring, and I always feel completely safe sharing my thoughts with her. I am so very grateful to have found Carly and have her valuable service as my life coach. It truly has been life altering in the best ways imaginable! 

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