Moore and colleagues (2016) cite five benefits originally identified in Deci’s (2013) presentation, “How do we support autonomy and build accountability?”:

  1. Positive behavior changes last longer
  2. Increased creativity and flexibility
  3. Improved performance
  4. Making changes is enjoyable
  5. Health and personal relationships improve

Working with a coach brings many valuable benefits beyond the accomplishment of a particular goal. In fact, many people hesitate to work with a coach because, “I don’t really have a problem.”

Coaching can help with solution-oriented activities, but it can also help people make lasting changes in many areas of their lives. 

Often coaching begins with a question. Maybe you’ve asked yourself one of these questions:

  • How do I get started?
  • What is my next step?
  • How do I change this behavior?
  • How do I make stronger connections with people?
  • What should I do?
  • What can I do to enjoy life/job/family more?
  • How do I get better at my job/family/skill?

These questions are just a few of the starting places my coaching clients have come from. If you have a goal, or just an inkling that there is something you want to change for the better…coaching might be right for you. 

Life Coaching

Enneagram Coaching

Self-Compassion Coaching

Dissertation Coaching

Nature-Based/Adventure Coaching

Types of Coaching

Coaching Rates

“Let’s Do This!” Coaching Program Package

(Program Extension Options Available)

Program Length: 3-6 months


  • Initial 30 minute consultation 
  • Initial goal-setting session
  • 6 One-hour coaching sessions
  • Between-session text/phone support with “laser sessions”
  • Wrap-up session

This package provides you with the support you need to get started on your goal. Lasting change takes time and focus. We usually meet twice a month. In between meetings, you can reach out to me with questions, check-ins, or a request for a “laser session,” where we discuss a specific immediate concern. You get support and accountability which leads to motivation and lasting transformation and improved performance. 


Dissertation Support Package

Program Length: 1-2 Months


  • Enneagram Test
  • Initial Enneagram Typing session
  • 3 one-hour Enneagram coaching sessions

The Enneagram is a tool for understanding underlying motivations for behavior. We develop our Enneagram Type early in life and it shapes our coping responses. Our strengths are mirror images of our weaknesses and we can use the framework of the Enneagram to find our “superpower” and reduce the negative impacts of fear-based thinking. Use this tool to improve your overall well-being and develop a language for talking to others in your life about your needs.


Dissertation Support Package

Program Length: 3-6 Months


  • Compassion Assessments
  • Initial Compassion Discussion
  • Compassion Cultivation Training
  • 6 hour-long compassion-focussed sessions
    • Tucson Locals may divide these between Zoom, in-person, and nature settings
  • Gratitude Visit

Compassion is active turning-toward yourself. If you want to be kinder to yourself and develop practices to support your on-going self-care, Self-Compassion Coaching can help. We will use proven self-compassion tools to raise your level of self-regard and long-term happiness.


Dissertation Support Package

Program Length: 90 Minute Session


  • A variety of tailored assessments
  • Prompts for pre-session reflection
  • 90-Minutes Coaching Session
  • Session Report

Resolutions don’t work, but mindful goal-setting that lines up with your values does. New Years day can come any day of the year with a Seasonal Tuneup. Many teachers and college students like to set their goals in August! Small business owners may need a tune-up at the beginning of the fiscal year. Others enjoy reassessing their goals with the changing of the natural seasons. Whenever you need to reset and find focus, a Seasonal Tuneup can help. 


Dissertation Support Package

Program Length: 60-minutes


  • One Coaching Session

A single coaching session works best after the “Let’s Do This” package, but can be beneficial for anyone who just needs a place to talk through a dilemma or create a targeted plan. 


Dissertation Support Package

Program Length: Typically 6-12 months


  • 2 hour-long coaching sessions/month
  • 2 laser sessions/month
  • Texting support as needed 

Your dissertation committee is there to guide your research. Your advisor is there to guide your process. Your COACH can be there to help you get through the day or the week, and to provide positive accountability and productivity motivation. Coaching sessions can be about remembering your values, finding a stronger sense of self as you address impostor syndrome, or even making a writing and research plan. After 25 years in academia, I understand the struggles of academic achievement. Sometimes you need a smiling face and a helping hand.


Program Length: 20-minutes

Sitting in your car before an interview? Can’t find the motivation? Need to make a plan for the immediate next step? A laser session might be all you need to get grounded and take action!


Pro-Bono and Sliding Scale

I always leave room on my calendar for pro-bono coaching. If your financial situation is an obstacle to you experiencing the benefits of coaching, please reach out! Payment plans, income-adjusted sliding scale, and pro-bono spots are available on a limited basis. If you’re excited about your goals, I want to help! 

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