Student and Novice Interpreter Workshop Series

Spring 2022

Workshops in this series are designed for interpreting students and recent graduates. Workshops encourage active participation in small groups, and offer opportunities for feedback from the instructor. Participants will learn about skills, use technical language for discussing their work, and put theory into practice right away! All workshops are offered on Zoom. Students are expected to have their cameras on to maximize learning and engagement. All workshops are small to allow for full participation. Workshops are $25/each. 

Time referencing is an important part of many interpreting scenarios. From giving instructions to recounting events in history, time shows up in everything we interpret! Participants in this workshop will practice identifying time structures in English and expressing those ideas ASL. Time-related vocabulary, temporal aspect, and timelines will be introduced, and students will have opportunities to work in small groups to practice with written material. Cost: $25 

You Just Need Some SPACE!

Description: ASL uses space to express so many kinds of relationships: sequencing, contrasting, locational, and many more. This workshop will focus on the various uses of signing space, incorporating classifiers and constructed action, eye gaze, and the use of English cues that tell us what kind of space to use. Students will use visual cues and written materials to put theory into practice. Cost: $25 

Conditionalization structure is taught in many early ASL classes, but it can be hard to identify the dependent relationships being expressed in English. This workshop will help students identify dependent relationships in English texts and give them tools for communicating those relationships clearly in ASL. Types of conditional structures will be discussed with equivalent ASL structures that can be applied. Students will use visual cues and written materials to put theory into practice. Cost: $25

Workshop Instructor:  Carly Flagg, MA, CI/CT

Carly Flagg, MA, CI/CT has been an interpreter educator for nearly 25 years. She brings practical experience and examples to her teaching, as well as a respect for each student’s learning style. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, take risks, advocate for their own learning, and make lots of mistakes all in the name of learning!