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What would you do if you let joy lead you?

Have you asked yourself:

  • What am I doing with my life?
  • Who am I in all of this?
  • Who am I outside of my caretaker roles?
  • Why doesn’t this work anymore?
  • What’s next?
  • How can I enjoy my work/life/family more?

Have you felt:

  • Stuck?
  • Out of balance?
  • Lost in meaningless accomplishments?
  • Reactive to situations?

Coaching can lead you back to the quality of life you used to know, or used to believe was possible. Caregivers and service professionals give from their hearts every day. The constant outpouring of love to others often leaves them feeling empty. My coaching clients experience renewed energy and openness in their lives and work.

Maybe you spent 2 years in quarantine and realized that your priorities had gotten skewed. Coaching can help you find the spark you used to know, create a plan to find joy in service again, help you name your priorities, and create a plan to pursue them. You might even find permission to change your mind about something that doesn’t work anymore.

Clients experience LIFE CHANGING VALUE in coaching.

  • Revitalize your career.
  • Engage in lasting self-care.
  • Uncover your love for your work/your relationships/your family.
  • Reinvigorate your goals.
  • Magnify your “why”.
  • Align your life to your priorities.
  • Reveal your best self to your kids.
  • Transform your ideas into reality.
  • Leap into your bucket list.
  • Revolutionize your relationship to money.
  • Communicate more clearly with your partner.
  • Answer the question, “What do I want?”

Coaching is where your wisdom meets your imagination, and the result is a joyful life rich with purpose.

Success stories:

The coaching experience was new for me when I started working with Carly and I have benefitted more than I could have hoped. Carly’s kind, intuitive, and supportive nature has allowed our sessions to not only be productive, but also personally enlightening. Carly is an absolute gift and I highly recommend her services.

 Amy Drewek, Interpreter

Coaching has unlocked an outlet that has become a place for growth in my life. During our meetings, Carly holds space for me; allowing me to identify my feelings, beliefs, and perceptions about any aspect of my life. Life isn’t as simple as black and white; I want this, so I do that. I’ve uncovered through our time together that there are many real and perceived obstacles and values that can demotivate me or make me feel stuck. Through exploration, conversation, and reflection Carly does an astounding job at helping me find flow where I otherwise have been experiencing break down. I feel uplifted, empowered, and respected as we meet- unearthing whatever is unsettled in that moment. I owe many gratitudes to Carly and the gift that she has as a coach!

Ellen Catapano, Interpreter

As it turns out, my session with Carly was at a time where I was becoming more and more stuck. Carly was able to meet me where I was at and address short-term needs, while creating a new lens to face things in the moment.  She understood my roles as a mom of littles, caretaker, first-responder wife, and interpreter.  In the weeks following our session, I have had a sense of ease and peace.

Hayley Bacclaire, Interpreter

Carly Flagg has been a wonderful coach and teacher for me over the last couple years. Carly is both tender and ethical with our processes. Her approach to the work always shows up fully informed. She also encourages my creative identities to exist. This is very important to my career, and she even helps me to see the values in my goals. Carly is my ideal coach and I am full of gratitude.

Saafyr, artist, CODA, liberation activist, interpreter

Prior to finding Carly, my life coach, I felt like I was just getting by with my day-to-day workload. As I got further into my college career, I knew my current process for doing everything was not working for me. My workload as a stay-at-home parent and my workload for school was literally breaking me down. I was not doing them the best way for me and didn’t even realize it. Carly is so full of knowledge and has helped me identify my own personal strengths and weaknesses, in order to change how I look at all my tasks and goals I want to accomplish. She is so encouraging, kind, caring, and I always feel completely safe sharing my thoughts with her. I am so very grateful to have found Carly and have her valuable service as my life coach. It truly has been life altering in the best ways imaginable! 

Michele Draper, Student and mother of 2 “littles”